The End of Show Your Shortz

Good evening my fellow comedians. This will be the last time I address you from the Green Room at Flappers. 

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

A little over three years ago I was handed the reins of the comedy video sketch show, "Show Your Shortz," by my friend Jacare Calhoun. The show was a vehicle for filmmakers and comedians to showcase their craft and stage presence at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank. Originally it started on Thursday nights, then moved to Sundays, then moved to the Main Room from the Yoo Hoo Room, then back to the Yoo Hoo Room.

My good buddy Dave Swan helped me host the show, and he was always on point and always "on" every single show. He never missed a beat and always delivered his same, remarkable, funny comedy. He is super funny, and I encourage you to check out @Swanagram on Twitter. You'll love him.

I've decided this past month to officially retire "Show Your Shortz" from the live stage. The show will live on, in a different state, online however. I am going to re-tool the show to be an online presence where every day a new video by a different filmmaker will be showcased for a number of reasons. We can reach a larger audience than a live screening and can introduce more filmmakers that otherwise would not have been able to attend a show.

The reason for ending the show is that it has had a good run, with some great times, with some incredible filmmakers and with a lot of packed material.  The show has run it's course and with new things moving in and different opportunities arising it is time, alas, to move on. It's just time to hang up the Show Your Shortz hat and end it with the respect it deserves.

These past three years have been awesome and I have loved every single show of hosting 'Shortz. I have met some really great friends, have had doors opened for me with incredible opportunities, have seen some of the funniest videos and comedians ever and truly feel blessed with such an experience. I have had so much fun hosting that show. Believe that.

I want to give my heart-felt thanks to a few people.

Thank you, Jacare Calhoun, my good friend, for giving me this opportunity. I have had such a great time doing it and I loved every time you appeared on the show. Thank you to Flappers Comedy Club, Burbank. This is still one of my favorite venues and I think the creative atmosphere you give comedians and filmmakers is a rare gem in Los Angeles, and you are amazing for perpetuating creativity and talent and allowing them to thrive. Thank you, VJ Thesis, the Reverend, for doing such incredible sound/video and sharing so many fun nights. Thank you, Will Nickerson, the coolest manager and dude Flappers has ever had, and thank you to the awesome bartenders, chefs, servers, box office attendants and A/V folks for everything you do.

Thanks to my good bud, Dave Swan, for all of the cool shows and putting up with my constant, endless and tiring references to Cleveland. You are the man. Love you, kinger.

But most of all, thank you filmmakers, comedians, supporters, friends and fans of the show. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us late at night, and spent your Sunday evenings with us to the wee small hours as we shared others' art and work. Thank you for buying your "two drink minimums" and putting up with us. Thank you for the opportunity of Show Your Shortz and thank you for giving me some really great nights.

The show will still live on in other mediums, but our live show at Flappers is now sailing off into the smoggy sunset of LA.

God bless you.

-Matthew Clark, 7/14/15


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