Fan Mail good friend Jon Hassinger, co-host of the Jon & Agnew Show, has been hosting the "Rogue Show" lately on with our friend Katie Corrado.  They've recently started a segment where they read fan letters. 

I could not help but to anonymously write a few.  Here are three of them:

1. GenderBender 19 writes:

"Once I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off of Ocean City, actually, it was more like 'wading' in the shallow part.  You see, I am a man of larger stature to put it, meaning I'm obese, and I can't really take my mobility scooter into the water, so I was more ore less just splashing around in that part where there's about an inch of water in the sand.  It was kind of funny until I urinated profusely in my drawers.  That, with the mixture of salt and sand, burned me for days.  I had to put mustard down there.  Anyway, I was sitting there listening to Divo when I saw angelic being drifting on a surfboard.  After some internet stalking and clever questioning I realized it was Katie Corrado.  I followed her here to this junction and just want to say 'Katie, please do your own late night show.  I would listen.'  Gotta go, it's chocolate in the dark time.  Keep up the good work."
2. WomenWarrior2 writes:

"This message is to Katie Corrado.  I have one thing to say to you, young lady.  Although, I don't know how young you are.  HOW DARE YOU!  Don't ever say a stay-at-home-mom is white trash again!  You won't be able to balance the lifestyle after you have a few little ones pop out! 

WomenWarrior2 "
3. DiaperJerry writes

"Once upon a time, a long time ago,
I listened to an episode of the Jon & Agnew Show,
When to my chagrin, I was dealt a blow,
when I heard the voice of Kate Corrado,

Katieeeee, Kate Corrado,
Queen of domestic beer,

She's very friendly when she wants to meet ya,
works at Guisseppe's slicing up her pizzas,
is expecting a kid in a day or so,
loves the jersey shore and she can't wait to go,

Katieeeee, Kate Corrado,
Queen of domestic beer.
I've also written a full version of the latter, in which Jon recorded, but that will be released on their podcast in the future so I dare not release that now.
Thanks for reading and I will make more of an effort to spend more time writing on here.  
Please look out for more videos exclusively at and thank you!


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