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The blog entry you are about to read is true.  Nothing has been changed.

It was Monday, April 7.  It was hot in Los Angeles.  I had recently woken up in the morning to the sounds and screams of (what I believe is) a schizophrenic lady in an adjacent apartment building screaming her head off again.  This has happened several times in the past and it's sometimes pretty comical, yet always annoying.  However, today it was especially annoying...particularly on a Monday.

Basically, this lady just screams at someone, usually uttering the same phrases, interspursed with long, blood-curdling howls.  The reason I believe she is alone is because I have never heard anyone yell back.  I mean, anyone in their right mind would not tolerate such craziness and would either 1) Leave the room, or 2) Put up some sort of a fight.  One morning when I left my abode and heard the sounds of the screams I passed a neighbor, whom was on his phone, and I heard him say to the person on the other end 'Hear …