Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wildlife Crisis: Saving Endangered Species From Being Wiped Off of the Face of the Earth

If you ever look at my Twitter feed (@KingManProds), Facebook or any other personal social media outlet of mine it's no secret that I am passionate about the conservation of animals, particularly critically endangered ones.  Caring people tend to advocate for charities and causes they are close to, usually because of some close, personal connection.  Whether it'd be from something that happened to them or someone they know, or perhaps it's from an event, or maybe it's just because they care, there are many reasons people tend to support a particular charity.

In the past I have donated, and still do, to many different charities, but animal and environment conservation efforts have been my primary focus.  I love animals, and this goes back since I was a little kid.  My dad used to take me to the zoo a lot and I have always enjoyed being so close to these magnificent creatures.  Once, when I was five years old, I tried to climb into the Cheetah exhibit because I wanted to pet her.  My dad pulled me out in just the nick of time as I was almost all of the way in.  That could have been very, very bad.  But since an early age, I have loved animals.  

It wasn't until I was about fourteen years old that I got a donation request in the mail asking for money.  The organization was Defenders of Wildlife and they were requesting money for a wolf conservation effort.  That envelope was kicked and moved around on my desk (Yes, I had a desk and a phone when I was 14 and I was the man) for about a week when I finally made a donation.  I remember how good it felt to donate to a cause and how I wanted to do it more and more.  If you have not done so I encourage you to try it at least once; you'll be surprised and how rewarding charity is.  After that donation, more and more donation requests have come in over the years and I have expanded my charity outreach and monetary donations to a bevy of various organizations over the years.  I am a monthly sustaining donor to a bunch of them and I try to give a portion of my paychecks to a cause I believe it. 

Why do I feel the need to write this and share with you?  One reason is because a lot of these organizations need help more than ever; with the still weak economy, global hostilities at an all time high, overpopulation and other man-made problems, environmental/animal charities tend to be forgotten.

The most important reason I write this is because of how close to extinction a lot of these animals are.  It is absolutely heartbreaking.  96 elephants are killed every day in Africa for their ivory.  22,000 sharks are killed every HOUR because of their fins.  Rhinos are on the brink of extinction because people think their horns can be used for medicinal purposes, which the civilized world knows, that they cannot.

It is so heartbreaking to see that elephants and other species can be extinct by as close as 2020.  I do not work for an animal or conservation charity so I can say with conviction and ease...fuck these people.  Who does that?  Who is still buying ivory?  This is not 1890 anymore where big game was fashionable and exotic animal byproducts were considered a luxury.  Please, if you still buy ivory, I hope you get tusked in your kidneys.  And who believes rhino horns can cure diseases?  Hopefully whatever "disease" they are trying to cure by slaughtering animals will just wipe out the infected.  Idiots.

But how can you help?  What can you do?  There is quite a lot actually you can do right from your computer.  Get involved in legislature, read what the president and the senate is doing about the global poaching crisis.  Ask them questions, read their blogs.

Visit great organizations' websites such as the African Wildlife Foundation (, Wildlife Conservation Society (, World Wildlife Foundation ( and the Ocean Conservancy (, amongst others.  Follow them on Twitter, sign up for their email alerts and like them on Facebook.  These channels and methods of communication will keep you informed on what is happened on the ground level, federal levels, and global levels.

It's pretty grey right now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of these organizations there have been tremendous strides and victories in the fight for the conservation and preservation of endangered species and threatened lands.  Animal protection statuses, increased numbers, anti-poaching patrols and preserved lands to name just a few.

It's not just "some other charity" at this point.  It is a global threat that has the attention of many world leaders and citizens.  Help them.  Be the voice for so many species that are on the verge of being gone forever.  Do the right thing.

If animals could speak for themselves, they would.  But they can't.  So we need to.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fan Mail good friend Jon Hassinger, co-host of the Jon & Agnew Show, has been hosting the "Rogue Show" lately on with our friend Katie Corrado.  They've recently started a segment where they read fan letters. 

I could not help but to anonymously write a few.  Here are three of them:

1. GenderBender 19 writes:

"Once I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off of Ocean City, actually, it was more like 'wading' in the shallow part.  You see, I am a man of larger stature to put it, meaning I'm obese, and I can't really take my mobility scooter into the water, so I was more ore less just splashing around in that part where there's about an inch of water in the sand.  It was kind of funny until I urinated profusely in my drawers.  That, with the mixture of salt and sand, burned me for days.  I had to put mustard down there.  Anyway, I was sitting there listening to Divo when I saw angelic being drifting on a surfboard.  After some internet stalking and clever questioning I realized it was Katie Corrado.  I followed her here to this junction and just want to say 'Katie, please do your own late night show.  I would listen.'  Gotta go, it's chocolate in the dark time.  Keep up the good work."
2. WomenWarrior2 writes:

"This message is to Katie Corrado.  I have one thing to say to you, young lady.  Although, I don't know how young you are.  HOW DARE YOU!  Don't ever say a stay-at-home-mom is white trash again!  You won't be able to balance the lifestyle after you have a few little ones pop out! 

WomenWarrior2 "
3. DiaperJerry writes

"Once upon a time, a long time ago,
I listened to an episode of the Jon & Agnew Show,
When to my chagrin, I was dealt a blow,
when I heard the voice of Kate Corrado,

Katieeeee, Kate Corrado,
Queen of domestic beer,

She's very friendly when she wants to meet ya,
works at Guisseppe's slicing up her pizzas,
is expecting a kid in a day or so,
loves the jersey shore and she can't wait to go,

Katieeeee, Kate Corrado,
Queen of domestic beer.
I've also written a full version of the latter, in which Jon recorded, but that will be released on their podcast in the future so I dare not release that now.
Thanks for reading and I will make more of an effort to spend more time writing on here.  
Please look out for more videos exclusively at and thank you!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The blog entry you are about to read is true.  Nothing has been changed.

It was Monday, April 7.  It was hot in Los Angeles.  I had recently woken up in the morning to the sounds and screams of (what I believe is) a schizophrenic lady in an adjacent apartment building screaming her head off again.  This has happened several times in the past and it's sometimes pretty comical, yet always annoying.  However, today it was especially annoying...particularly on a Monday.

Basically, this lady just screams at someone, usually uttering the same phrases, interspursed with long, blood-curdling howls.  The reason I believe she is alone is because I have never heard anyone yell back.  I mean, anyone in their right mind would not tolerate such craziness and would either 1) Leave the room, or 2) Put up some sort of a fight.  One morning when I left my abode and heard the sounds of the screams I passed a neighbor, whom was on his phone, and I heard him say to the person on the other end 'Hear that crazy lady screaming!?'  So it's pretty much established that she is crazy.

The screams and yells escalated to the banging of doors on this morning so I called 9-1-1.  After all, she could potentially hurt herself, and even if not, this is clearly noise pollution and a disturbance of the peace.  The dispatcher laughed when I told her I lived on Clark Street and my last name was Clark; I explained the situation to her and she said someone will come check it out.

I hung up and enjoyed a chocolate chip pancake (I never finish them) and then went to work.  While pulling out of the garage a dispatcher called me from the L.A.P.D. and told me the police officers on the scene couldn't locate the address.  The address I gave was wrong, A.D.D. at its finest, so I told him I was still home and could help.  He asked what type of car I was driving  and then told me to meet the officers up front, he'd let them know I was coming.

As I pulled up front the two officers were waiting for me.  It was the closest to Dragnet I've ever been!  I got out of the car with my aviators on and briefed them on the situation.  I didn't have much information to pass over to them but they were very appreciative and the policewoman on scene told me I was a good citizen and thanked me.  We laughed again about the 'Clark on Clark Street' nonsense and I was off.

God bless the Los Angeles Police Department.  I thanked the two officers and let them know how appreciative I am of their service.  These people really are heroes, no joke.

I did proceed to work and I did watch an episode of Dragnet when I got there.  It still holds up.