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Articles on The Political Carnival

I'd like to once again thank David Garber of for writing two lovely articles on the sketches "Not Guilty Match" and "Grammar Rap." He wrote such kind words and also touched into the modern perception of grammar and satire.

Here is the link for Not Guilty Match:

And for Grammar Rap:

Please check out their site frequently as it's some of the best writing on the web!

The MDA is MAD

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is by far, and unbiasedly, the worst job I ever had in my entire life. Everything from the interview process to the last day I worked there was absolutely horrific and atrocious.

Where do I begin.... When I first moved to Los Angeles I needed a job, and quick, so I decided to take anything I could get. Most likely, I would have taken a job cleaning bird cages, and in hindsight, that would have been more rewarding. When the MDA called me in for an interview I put on a friendly face, turned up the cutesy nonsense, and read the Wikipedia article for the MDA Telethon once or twice to get some good background information. Ready to go.

I interviewed not once, not twice, but three times for a maybe...pun have a chance to work there. The first interview was basic, questions, background, etc. Then they told me they would call me. GREAT!! Already in Los Angeles for one week and perhaps a job! They did call me back, only it was a week …