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I'm really glad they made "Battleship" the movie but I am still holding out for "Yahtzee: The Musical" and "Chutes and Ladders Unleashed."Tuesdays are the abusive step-fathers of Mondays.Carmen San Diego was such a jerk for making us look for her during school hours.Happy February!  Love + Black History Month.  If you combine the two you get SHAFT! Do something nice for someone today and watch what happens. #papaClarktoldYouSo World's Shortest Books are: "How to Construct a Successful Marriage and Live a Life of Integrity by Kim Kardashian" and "Detroit: Disney of the North" Not a huge fan of using the word "tailor" when it doesn't apply to clothingWhen people say "My thoughts are with you."....that's not saying much.  You need to add the prayers in there.  Thoughts aren't hard to do.  Right now I am thinking about grilled cheese.  It's easy.I remember once in high school I was failing…

Africa's Poaching Crisis

As a huge conservationist and environmentalist it really breaks my heart to see what's happening to a lot of these animals I grew up to love. 

Some tough statistics:

The black rhino's population is down 97.6% since 1960African elephants may be extinct in ten yearsThere are fewer than 900 mountain gorillas leftThe lion is currently extinct in 7 different countries in AfricaGrevy'z Zebra: approximately 700 remainThese numbers are so sad and terrible  Why is this happening?   The answer is really for things that no one needs.  Things like jewelry, perfume and for some, poor and uneducated countries, because they think it cures cancer.  Stupid, stupid people.

There is hope though.  This information is from the source of the African Wildlife Foundation-a really great organization who is doing everything in their power to save these creatures; yet they need your help.  

Click on this link here for the African Wildlife Foundation's page on this issue and do what you can to help t…