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Articles on The Political Carnival

I'd like to once again thank David Garber of for writing two lovely articles on the sketches "Not Guilty Match" and "Grammar Rap." He wrote such kind words and also touched into the modern perception of grammar and satire.

Here is the link for Not Guilty Match:

And for Grammar Rap:

Please check out their site frequently as it's some of the best writing on the web!

The MDA is MAD

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is by far, and unbiasedly, the worst job I ever had in my entire life. Everything from the interview process to the last day I worked there was absolutely horrific and atrocious.

Where do I begin.... When I first moved to Los Angeles I needed a job, and quick, so I decided to take anything I could get. Most likely, I would have taken a job cleaning bird cages, and in hindsight, that would have been more rewarding. When the MDA called me in for an interview I put on a friendly face, turned up the cutesy nonsense, and read the Wikipedia article for the MDA Telethon once or twice to get some good background information. Ready to go.

I interviewed not once, not twice, but three times for a maybe...pun have a chance to work there. The first interview was basic, questions, background, etc. Then they told me they would call me. GREAT!! Already in Los Angeles for one week and perhaps a job! They did call me back, only it was a week …

United Airlines Sucks

OK, everyone.  It's been one month since I have experienced the most horrific and unacceptable experience with flying and customer service that I ever have in my whole life.  And I have flown a lot.  It all has to do with my still unresolved problem with United Airlines and the lack of any sort of care, decent customer service or retribution from them in the aftermath.  I don't believe in bitching for the sake of bitching, unless it's about how California is broke, so I wrote United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek a letter detailing my experience.  The following is true. Enjoy:

July 25, 2013

Dear Mr. Smisek,

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.  As the Chief Operating Officer of the world's largest airline I think there is something you should know.  It's in regards to my recent, and last trip ever, on a United Airlines carrier.  Dealing with the number of people that fly your service everyday there are bound to be imminent complaints, problems, delays etc.  Tha…

"Grammar, Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It" by The Political Carnival

Special thanks to David Garber at The Political Carnival whom (or who?) took the time to write a nice article about the "Grammar Rap" video and post on their website.

Here is the link to the article: 

The Political Carnival's website is at and according to their website is "...a fast paced Progressive political site that combines humor with dead serious, inanity with politics (synonymous?), snark galore, and sprinkles in idiosyncratic posts with breaking news. We aggregate stories from multiple sources, provide original content, have fun with visuals, and always appreciate reader input. We get some of our best tips from you!"

Please support them and give it a read and check out all of the great political posts they have to offer!

Grammar Nazi & Friends "Grammar Rap"

With social media rampant throughout the world it's no secret that bad grammar, spelling and punctuation are everywhere.  I've decided to do my part, and with the help of some friends, created this gem for you.  (click on image to view video)

Matthew Clark as Grammar Nazi @KingManProds
Matt DiMarino as Spelling Commie
Michael Pashan as Punctuation Persian in music video
Omid Singh as Punctuation Persian on vocal track

Vocals recorded and mixed by Matt DiMarino and by Estevez Wood Productions
Filmed by Off Tatum Productions
Music track produced by Inertia for
Costume Design by Jennifer Varela
Edited by Matthew Clark
Produced by King Man Productions
Copyright 2013


I'm really glad they made "Battleship" the movie but I am still holding out for "Yahtzee: The Musical" and "Chutes and Ladders Unleashed."Tuesdays are the abusive step-fathers of Mondays.Carmen San Diego was such a jerk for making us look for her during school hours.Happy February!  Love + Black History Month.  If you combine the two you get SHAFT! Do something nice for someone today and watch what happens. #papaClarktoldYouSo World's Shortest Books are: "How to Construct a Successful Marriage and Live a Life of Integrity by Kim Kardashian" and "Detroit: Disney of the North" Not a huge fan of using the word "tailor" when it doesn't apply to clothingWhen people say "My thoughts are with you."....that's not saying much.  You need to add the prayers in there.  Thoughts aren't hard to do.  Right now I am thinking about grilled cheese.  It's easy.I remember once in high school I was failing…

Africa's Poaching Crisis

As a huge conservationist and environmentalist it really breaks my heart to see what's happening to a lot of these animals I grew up to love. 

Some tough statistics:

The black rhino's population is down 97.6% since 1960African elephants may be extinct in ten yearsThere are fewer than 900 mountain gorillas leftThe lion is currently extinct in 7 different countries in AfricaGrevy'z Zebra: approximately 700 remainThese numbers are so sad and terrible  Why is this happening?   The answer is really for things that no one needs.  Things like jewelry, perfume and for some, poor and uneducated countries, because they think it cures cancer.  Stupid, stupid people.

There is hope though.  This information is from the source of the African Wildlife Foundation-a really great organization who is doing everything in their power to save these creatures; yet they need your help.  

Click on this link here for the African Wildlife Foundation's page on this issue and do what you can to help t…

Trigger Happy News Reporting in the Midst of the Boston Marathon Bombings

First off, I want to say my thoughts and my prayers go out to the victims and loved ones of the victims in Monday's atrocious terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon.  Words certainly cannot accurately express how sad this is and how devastating this must be for those involved.  The country certainly stands side-to-side with our Bostonian brothers and sisters and I am confident the city will come out stronger on the other side, as will we all.

Like most people, I'm sure almost everyone, the day of the bombing and the following days thereafter I have been glued to my computer searching for updates on the attack.  Who did it?  What happened?  Are they close to finding someone?  All questions that circled in our minds, I'm sure, and I found myself refreshing CNN, Fox News, The Huffington Post, Boston Globe, etc. on both my computer and cell phone-when I was away from my computer.

There's one thing that's been troubling me this week and that's why I feel obliged to…